For Emergencies or Sick Calls contact Father Heimer (219) 369-1210

St. John Kanty Catholic Church

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday 4pm & Sunday 9:30am

Confession Schedule
Saturday 3:30 pm & Sunday 10:45 am
anytime by request

7012 N 600 E • Rolling Prairie, IN

St. Anthony of Padua Church

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday 6pm & Sunday 8am

Confession Schedule
Saturday 5:30 pm
anytime by request

7732 East State Road 4 • Fish Lake, IN

Watching Mass at Home?

Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Experience​

1. Set all distractions aside

Turn everything off and participate in the Mass. Sit, stand, and kneel along as normal. Our mind and heart follow where our body leads, If my whole body prays as it does at every Mass, then it will be more efficacious for us as we enter in and make that spiritual communion.

2. Set up a sacred space

Light candles, set up a crucifix, display statues or images of the saints and Our Lady, and dress up as if you would for Sunday Mass. These practices can help draw you into the sacrifice of the Mass.

3. Make a Spiritual Communion

This should be a more common practice for those who are unable to receive communion. It invites Jesus to be the center of your life. In the Eucharist, Jesus becomes the literal center of your whole person–you receive Jesus Christ–body, blood, soul, and divinity into your very body.

In a spiritual communion you receive Him, in a sense, and more so, he receives you…It’s bringing your own will, mind, heart, and desire, and opening yourself up to receive that full outpouring of everything that flows from the Heart of Jesus.