For Emergencies or Sick Calls contact Father Heimer (219) 369-1210

Important Note Regarding Mass at St. John Kanty


Please contact Fr. Heimer if you would like to schedule a time to go to confession at the church or if you have questions about any other sacraments.  Fr. Heimer’s number is (219) 369-1210. Parents of those preparing for First Communion should contact Hollie Cook ( with any questions regarding those arrangements.

Mass (Diocesan Guidelines)

  • All Catholics in the Diocese of Gary are dispensed from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass until August 15, 2020 (though we are still required to keep holy the Lord’s Day).

  • Those who are sick should refrain from coming to Mass.

  • Those who are at a higher risk level or over the age of 65 are welcome to attend but should carefully weigh the risks.

That said, those who would like to start attending Mass again will have the opportunity.  In the interest of public health, there are several limitations which Bishop McClory has outlined:

  • Those attending Mass must wear face masks while in the Church, except for when they are receiving Communion. Exception: Very small children and infants.

  • Entry will be limited to the front doors.

  • Exit may be by front and side doors.

  • Ushers will assist with seating those who attend to maintain order.

  • Holy water stoups, missalettes, hymnals, and other items have been removed from the church to reduce risk of transmission.

  • There should be no physical contact during Mass. Exceptions: family groups and couples.

  • There are to be no social gatherings after Mass.

  • There will be teams of people to sanitize the church after each Mass.

Social Distancing (Diocesan Guidelines)

We also must maintain social distancing at Mass, which means we will be limited to using every other pew.  At St. John Kanty, we will be limited to the following arrangement per pew:

  • One household of three or more people.

  • Two couples (one couple on each end, maintaining the social distancing between them).

  • Three individuals to a pew (one in the middle and one on each end).

Weekly Collection (Diocesan Guidelines)

  • There will be no collection of donations during Mass. A basket will be placed at the church entrance to receive your offering.

  • Remember that your contributions are critical for our parish’s continuing operation. Kindly mail your donations to the parish office if you are unable to attend. 

Weekend Masses

For weekend Masses we are limited as to the number of people who can be present; therefore, we must know in advance the number of people who wish to attend.  If you would like to attend a Saturday afternoon (4:00PM) or Sunday morning Mass (9:30AM), please email Pete Cook at to let us know: (1) which Mass you would like to attend, and (2) how many people would be attending. (Please note that walk-ins will not be allowed to attend weekend Masses due to limited seating capacity.)

Kindly email Pete Cook at to let us know your preferences as soon as possible.  For parishioners for whom we do not have email addresses, we will be making phone calls to review this information and take their Mass attendance requests.  Please know it will take a bit of time to complete this.  Your patience is appreciated.

Weekday Masses

We do not anticipate a large number of people attending weekday Masses; therefore, we will not need advance notice for you to attend.  The same protocol listed above must be observed for both weekday and weekend Masses. Weekday Masses at St. John Kanty will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 AM.

Please keep in mind that we are anxious to welcome you back to church again if you choose to attend. Remember though it is your decision to return at this time only if you are comfortable attending.  The Bishop has, as indicated above, dispensed all Catholics form the obligation of Mass attendance until at least August 15, 2020.

Anticipated Dates for Masses to Resume at St. John Kanty

          Saturday & Sunday, May 30 and 31 for weekend Masses

          Tuesday, June 2 for weekday Masses

The live-streaming of Masses will also continue for the foreseeable future on our parish website ( and on Facebook (St. John Kanty Roman Catholic Church).

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you soon at St. John Kanty!